IdentityServer4 Protecting an API using Passwords

1. About this Post In this post on IdentityServer4, we will continue our study from my last post “Creating ASP.NET Core Identity Using IdentityServer4 Visual Studio 2017” and the IdentityServer4 official documentation. We are going to discuss using user passwords with IdentityServer4. We are going to discuss using user passwords with IdentityServer4 based on our existing projects from my last post. You can find the solution source at my Github Repository. 2. Modify Identity Server Application Before modifying our code, let’s

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搭建ASP.NET Core Identity API 安全登入 基于 IdentityServer4 Visual Studio 2017

关于本文 在这篇文章中,我们会介绍对 IdentityServer4 的使用,以及如何与 ASP.NET Core 相关联,搭建安全的API对话。官方的文档在这里可以浏览 官方的很详细,但略过了一些细节和代码。 这里,针对官网文档的不足,我在这里展示了如果利用IdentityServer4构建安全对话。为了更好地理解IdentityServer,建议读者在阅读本文的同时可以参照官网文档。 如果你拿本文与官网文档作对比,请将本文作为官网的补充,而不是一个替代。我也是参照官网去完成一个个步骤的。你可以去我的Github下载源代码 Github Repository “.Net_Core_IdentityServer4_Connection_Starter” . 由于时间有限以及VS的语言版本,恕不能把我的这篇文章尽数翻译,请各位中文读者见谅。 [crayon-5df0ef70d51ec821094042/] 1.Big Picture for Our Demo Before our journey to use Identity with ASP.Net Core, I wish you gain a big picture about the oauth 2.0. You could get more information from here at In this demo, we will create 3 projects : App Server, API Server and Client App. We could consider App Server as Facebook Server, API Server as a mobile game server, and the Client App as

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