Speed Test for Entity Framework (EF) Bulk Insert ( EF AddRabge VS EF Utility VS EF Extension)

Bulk Insert Speed Test In this post, we will discuss the bulk insert using Entity Framework (EF) in ASP.Net. we are going to compare three approaches using Entity Framework: EF AddRange(), EF Utility (https://github.com/MikaelEliasson/EntityFramework.Utilities) and EF Extension from http://entityframework-extensions.net/. Since EF Extension is not open source and owned by a company, I just show my result using its trial version and don’t want to make any troubles with that company. Maybe I made some mistakes in my coding or setting, you may using its trail

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Adding Table Trigger for Insert & Last Modified Time in SQL Server 2016

In this post, we will show the simple steps adding triggers for your table To make it more clear, Firstly, we will create a User Table in the SQL database, then add two triggers to this table. If you need more details about Trigger in SQL Server, please check the Microsoft official documentation. From there, you may add more trigger event and action to your tables. Although trigger is part of a table, it can affect the other tables as

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