Speed Test for Entity Framework (EF) Bulk Insert ( EF AddRabge VS EF Utility VS EF Extension)

Bulk Insert Speed Test In this post, we will discuss the bulk insert using Entity Framework (EF) in ASP.Net. we are going to compare three approaches using Entity Framework: EF AddRange(), EF Utility (https://github.com/MikaelEliasson/EntityFramework.Utilities) and EF Extension from http://entityframework-extensions.net/. Since EF Extension is not open source and owned by a company, I just show my result using its trial version and don’t want to make any troubles with that company. Maybe I made some mistakes in my coding or setting, you may using its trail

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IdentityServer4 Protecting an API using Passwords

1. About this Post In this post on IdentityServer4, we will continue our study from my last post “Creating ASP.NET Core Identity Using IdentityServer4 Visual Studio 2017” and the IdentityServer4 official documentation. We are going to discuss using user passwords with IdentityServer4. We are going to discuss using user passwords with IdentityServer4 based on our existing projects from my last post. You can find the solution source at my Github Repository. 2. Modify Identity Server Application Before modifying our code, let’s

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Creating ASP.NET Core Identity Using IdentityServer4 Visual Studio 2017

About this post In this post, we will follow the steps from IdentityServer4 official documentation to create ASP.NET Core Identity connect. The official walkthrough is here at http://docs.identityserver.io/en/release/quickstarts/0_overview.html. It is great but it skips some codes and detail setting. Here, I post my codes which follow that start documentation and I will give you more details about using IdentityServer4 to create the safe connection. To have a better understand, you need to read the official website for more details. When you

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